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About duPhonics Telenanny

Founded in 2020, duPhonics is the leading telenanny platform for life literacy offering immersive childhood experiences through the learning of language with engagement toward STEM education. “Telenanny” is the heart-driven concept of duPhonics, this innovative market category established to meet the needs of learners aged 3 to 15 years old,

The Benefits of Telenanny

The methodology allows the students to focus learning by the trained drama therapists as teachers throughout the whole class. This proves effective in making learning enjoyable for young audiences. Furthermore, telenanny can directly pass on the experience in childcare development to parents through metadata analytics, it is a win-win for both child-rearing and education.

Make learning come alive for kids

Vision: Equality for life literacy in the global community through maternal touch.

Mission: Cultivate learning for the young learners through immersive human centric child care.

Our Global Team

Our learning experts are parents, teachers, designers, and technologists with backgrounds in early child development, curriculum design, and technology.


Head Office

United Kingdom

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HR Office



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Lessons Completed

The company has operational offices in Thailand, the UK, Belgium, and the US where it has provided over 30,000 classes since 2020. 

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