Telenanny for Kids

Why duPhonics ?

Providing a unique and adventurous approach to learning phonics

duPhonics offers a unique and adventurous learning experience for students. Rather than approaching phonics as a dull and mundane subject, duPhonics creates an exciting and exploratory atmosphere for students to learn in, which encourages active participation and retention of knowledge.

Making literacy enjoyable and fun to learn

duPhonics focuses on making the learning process enjoyable by incorporating fun and engaging activities into the curriculum. This approach not only makes learning phonics more enjoyable for students, but also helps them develop a positive attitude towards literacy.

Offering a carefree and digestible learning experience for students

duPhonics emphasizes a carefree and easily digestible approach to learning phonics. The curriculum is designed to ensure that students can easily comprehend the material, resulting in a more effective and efficient learning experience. This approach promotes a positive and stress-free learning environment for students, ultimately leading to improved English proficiency.

5 Concepts of duPhonics

Enjoyable and stress-free

Encouragement is key

Spontaneous Learning

No Need to ‘Force It

Gain Confidence Through Practice

Happy Learning They’ll Love

Fun and Spontaneous

Our duPhonics classes are the least stressful! There is no need for a pencil or any paper, all you need is the eagerness to learn. So get ready to explore the sounds of the English language!

Telenanny for Literarcy

Literacy programs for Children between the ages of 7-14. Our focus is to develop our students’ listening and speaking skills through one-on-one interaction with our tutors. As per our goal, our students will be able to use English confidently and correctly.

Curriculum for Kids

adapting the highly acclaimed Phonics curriculum from the United States to fit the learning styles of Thai children, we aim to provide a solid foundation for children to learn the basics of English pronunciation.

Autonomy in learning for children

children are encouraged to explore their interests, set their learning goals, and find their unique paths to acquire knowledge.


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The duPhonics Advantage

Fun with our Telenanny

Our duPhonics classes are the least stressful! There is no need for a pencil or any paper, all you need is the eagerness to learn. So get ready to explore the sounds of the English language!

Confidence through perfect pronunciation

Phonics is the foundation necessary for language acquisition development. That is why we emphasize on the quality through pronunciation of the English language is as correct and as authentic as possible.

Encouragement is Key

We focus on incorporating stories and visual-based features in order to keep them motivated and entertained throughout the sessions. By doing so, we gradually build up their interests for phonics, and ultimately for the English language.

Proven by Experts

We are certain that each of our classes end with happiness and enjoyment. Our experts send out detailed feedback on each of our students’ learning progress and development

Spontaneous Learning – No Memorization

Phonics is the best way to start literacy. The technique is just to combine the sounds of the alphabets, so this course is not heavily based on memorization.

Personalized Learning

Lessons, and activities personalized to age, interests, and skill level. The starting age is flexible as long as they are audibly intelligible, are able to learn phonics. 



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