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Perfect Improvisation

Combined with pedagogical techniques, duPhonic classes are different from the traditional teaching, such as drama therapy technique and fictional roles play that detail feelings, so children can open up and reach their potential naturally with our telenanny.


ครู duPhonics ของเรา

Certifed & High Experience

Our educators are certified drama therapist with qualification in CELTA and TESOL. Our native-speakers, hold a degree and based in the UK.
Our experts are backed by research and tested by kids

Enhance Environment

Our educators follow the child’s studies and progess with the Happy Memory Engine. One by one in detail, to develop the best pathway for each child. Our teacher trainer team closely and regularly supervises every case.

Understand & Care for Better Attitudes

More than fun teaching, everyone will notice playful learning across subjects: reading, math, social-emotional learning, creativity, and more. It is a learning journey that boost confidence and growth.

Kids Opportunities – Centric

Students have the opportunity to show their fullest ability. Our Teacher will be a caretaker to find out if they are performing well. Builds confidence with skills kids and parents are proud of.

Our Teachers

<strong><a href="" data-type="URL">TEACHER LUCY</a></strong>
CELTA Qualification
<strong><a href="">TEACHER PETER</a></strong>
CAE Certificate

<strong><a href="">TEACHER JENNIFER</a></strong>
Level 5 TEFL Diploma

<strong><a href="">TEACHER ANA</a></strong>
TEFL Diploma
<strong><a href="">TEACHER <strong>JANNA</strong></a></strong>
TEFL Diploma
<strong><a href="">TEACHER MONIKA</a></strong>
TEFL , TEYL Certificates
<strong><a href="">TEACHER CLARISSA</a></strong>
TEFL Diploma
<strong><a href="">TEACHER CLARE</a></strong>
TEFL Diploma
<strong><a href="">TEACHER IONA</a></strong>
Honours Degree, PVG

Fun to Learn

Lessons and activities personalized to age, interests, and skill level. Our immersive learning method spans LearnSpace, PlaySpace and MindEngine.

Flexible & Fun

A wide range of our tutor can be chosen from our platform. Our teachers have been certified by TEFL. and eager to paired with the young learners to best suit their needs and learning criteria.