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PlaySpace Metaverse

PlaySpace allows the students new possibility in learning with various themes and learning scenes for students to explore with our telenanny tutors. Every learning scene provides a fully immersive experience where students can discover, investigate and research as if they were there in person about the world of STEM.

Take your students to places you would never imagine. From Mars, to inside an animal cell, PlaySpace Metaverse lets you explore the impossible, all from the safety of a VR headset or web browser on a computer and mobile. Learning has never been so fun. Explore the full attractions of our playspace now!

Engaging Curriculum

Each PlaySpace scene comes with a comprehensive set of educational resources to ensure you’re getting the most out of every lesson. Each PlaySpace scene incorporates detailed subject information, 3D AR models, and 360 images and videos to provide context to the student before exploration begins.

From the content to engaging curriculum resources, PlaySpace gives students everything they need to learn about a topic in the classroom or even remotely in real time.

Reporting and Assessment

PlaySpace provides students work through the educational activities and quizzes, their progress and attainment are tracked and recorded. All from a simple-to-use web-interface, teachers can easily identify areas where students may need further support or assistance.

Collaborate from anywhere

It doesn’t matter where your students are, or what device they have access to, you can collaborate and teach with unparalleled ease.

From the classroom or remotely accessed, every model of teaching and learning can be supported. Bring your students together for a guided teacher-controlled session or let them roam free in the scenes to discover and learn STEM. Students can learn collaboratively in groups or even experience the amazing content on their own.


Discover the special toy from duPhonics Playspace after learning in the classroom and receive the toy to play together with new knowledge, especially without the hassle of installing a program. You can play through your web browser and your
mobile camera.

Endless Possibilities

duPhonics is the telenanny platform for life literacy that offers immersive childhood experiences through learning in the metaverse. This analysis presents a foresight into the future of childhood education in the metaverse world.